Memorial Service 2001

Memorial Service at USS America CV-66 - April 2001

Ed Pelletier, President, USS America Carrier Veteran's Association:

"We have gathered here today, at our ship's side, to pay our respects to those of our fellow crewmembers who have gone before us. It is only fitting and proper that we take the time out of our lives to remember and honor those crewmembers who gave their lives while on duty aboard the America."

"I would also like to take a moment to remember those members of the Association who have passed on and can no longer be with us -

  • Damage Control Master Chief James Webb
  • Vice Admiral Donald Engen
  • Aviation Storekeeper 2nd class Frank Keglovitz
  • Chief Warrant Officer Paul Grant
  • Aviation Boatswains' Mate 3rd Class Daniel O'Halloran

"We of the USS America Carrier Veteran's Association, dedicate this wreath to the memory of all of our crew members who have gone before us. May they always have fair winds and following seas, Amen."

** NOTICE: Images from Memorial Service were lost when the website crashed.  If you have pictures, please email them to the CVA Business Office.