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02 Mar 2015 10:31 PM | David Kenney (Administrator)

**From our friends at the FRA **

There is a new bill that has been introduced that will help thousands of Vietnam Veterans in their fight for recognition to the exposure to Agent Orange.  The House bill, H.R 969  “The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2015” has been presented and is currently under review.  This bill is to clarify presumptions relating to the exposure of the “Blue Water Navy” veterans who served in the Territorial Waters of the Republic of Vietnam to Agent Orange. 

If you wish to read the bill as introduced, go here:

History:  prior to 2002, any veteran who received the “Vietnam Service” medal was granted presumptive exposure to the 14 diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure.  In 2002, the Veterans Administration changed the rules.  It now requires the veteran to have set foot on Vietnam soil or had been on patrol on the inland waterways in order to qualify for presumptive exposure to the Agent Orange.

We're asking that you contact your Congressman asking for their support of this very important bill.

The process is pretty simple, just follow these steps:

On internet explorer, you need to type in, or click: this is for the Fleet Reserve Association.

1.       Click on “Advocacy”, and then click on “Action Center”.

2.       Scroll down until you find “Support Blue Water/Agent Orange Legislation, (H.R. 969)”.  Click on H.R. 969.

a.        Scroll down and enter your zip code where it says “Take Action Now”.  Click on GO!

b.      Scroll down and enter the requested information, i.e. Name and Sender Information.

c.       Confirm the box is checked that says “Remember Me”. This will help you if you go back in at a later date for Senate bill updates.

d.      Uncheck the box that says “Sign me up for the Action E-List.

e.      Click Send Message.

This bill states “Blue Water Navy Veterans", but also encompasses Marines, Army and Air Force personnel that were stationed aboard a Navy vessel in the Territorial waters of the Republic of Vietnam.

If you have not signed up for Veteran’s email, go to sign up for alerts on information concerning Veteran’s issues.

That’s it! Thank you in advance for assisting our Veterans in getting this bill passed!

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